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Welcome to Academic Management & Performance (AMP), where we are committed to helping you achieve your academic aspirations. Founded by Kiki Shuster, our mission is rooted in the belief that education is a powerful gateway to personal growth and success. At AMP, we recognize that managing busy schedules, whether in college, the professional world, or other life pursuits, can be a complex juggling act. Therefore, AMP operates around your schedule, offering 24/7 support to cater to your academic needs while ensuring the highest standards of excellence. We understand that schedules and priorities can be demanding, and it is our commitment to facilitate timely academic progress that respects your time and aligns with your aspirations. The concept behind AMP was inspired by a powerful moment at Auburn. Kiki witnessed a former student-athlete, then an NFL player, encountering significant obstacles when trying to return to school for his degree. He shared the challenges and the struggles he and his family faced in finding the support they needed. Kiki's hands-on assistance made a profound impact, shedding light on the difficulties many pro athletes encounter when pursuing their degrees. It was from this experience that the vision for AMP was born—a vision not only for professional athletes, former athletes, or current collegiate athletes but for everyone. AMP goes beyond being just an academic support service; it is a lifeline for anyone striving to overcome barriers and achieve academic success. Our objective is straightforward: to ensure that every individual, no matter their circumstances, has the opportunity to proudly graduate with their degree in hand. With AMP, the path to academic excellence is well within reach.

About me

Hi! I'm Kiki Shuster. Founder and CEO of AMP. My journey in education began at Auburn University, where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Collaborative Special Education, along with minors in Business and Psychology. I furthered my education with a Master's degree in Administration of Higher Education. During my time at Auburn, I discovered my passion for helping students succeed academically. With over seven years of experience, I have amassed a wealth of knowledge while holding pivotal roles at both Auburn University and California State University, Fresno. My multifaceted contributions spanned the realms of college athletics and academics, where I fulfilled various roles such as Undergraduate Academic Counselor Assistant, Head Academic Counselor, Academic Advisor, Learning Specialist, and Tutor/Mentor Coordinator. While I have worked closely with student-athletes across all sports, my primary focus centered on Football, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Women's Tennis, Women's Soccer, and Equestrian. Through these experiences, I have gained a deep understanding of the industry and the essential tools for both personal and academic success. At AMP, we recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach does not cut it. Every client arrives at a unique point in their academic and personal journey, with distinct needs that we are here to address. What truly inspires me is guiding clients to apply the same principles of hard work, dedication, and perseverance from their sports endeavors to their academics. Witnessing the moment when they realize their academic potential and take pride in their accomplishments is incredibly rewarding. It is about helping them discover their own version of academic success, and these moments of realization are what drive my passion for this work.



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